101 Book

Object: Rosary

The book is the breaking down of an object 101 times. 

This was shown and made by ultimately scanning, silkscreening, cuting down prints multiple times, and leaving it to chance to have a result that was left by the process.

AMEXICA (fabric flags)

America and Mexico. In specifically the combination of the culture of Chihuahua, Mexico and Los Angeles, CA to create a visual dynamic showcasing being a Mexican American through a different light of constant flux of layered information.

Represented through four different subcultures within Amexica which covers the basics of fashion, music, food, and government. Building a new story spoken by icons that stand by each subculture, creating AMEXICA.

"Iam the Product of Creation"

Is a series of three images silkscreened on silk organza fabric. The portraits are to represent three generations in my family and their connection with fashion.

Each of their stories is summirized by a sentence silkscreened delicately on the bottom of each image.

Final lexicon poster for typeface (Unititled) I created. 

First round of lexicon poster for typeface (Unititled) I created. 


Created this typeface to stand as imagery by creating forms and patterns by combining each letterform. 

Work: collage work with Brian Lichtenberg product shots.

OTIS College of Art and Design + Los Angeles County Museum of Art:

Posters for Walter Van Beirendonck and Paul Boudens talk at LACMA. In collaboration with Derek Gonzalez.

Printed on Silk fabric. 

Red Imagery created by Derek Gonzalez

Type treatment and first imagery by me.